Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christiane F...

I recently just watched the German movie Christiane F. Its about a girl growing up during the 70's in Berlin. She is obsessed with David Bowie and Disco's. And unfortunately, she become tangled in the drug scene. The clothes are sick and she even gets ombre hair towards the end of the movie. You can even watch it all on Youtube for free. YAYYY!


  1. Though I'm German I never watched that movie or read the book :(
    But all of my friends like that movie pretty much... so I guess I should watch that movie as soon as possible :p

  2. That's such a COOL movie! As a Bowie fanatic this is def. a must see! And, the fashion is amazing! Yey!

  3. thankyou for the recommendation! amazing movie.
    - Mirages