Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hair Spray...

I'm obsessed with two toned hair. Whenever I see a picture of someone with two toned hair or an actual person I'm immediately drawn to them. I want to get two toned hair naturally so I'm growing out my highlights. I'm thinking of taking pictures of the process and posting them here. Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know in the comments.


  1. just post your pics with that highlight, and we'll see whether it grow nicely or you should dye it in salon.
    thanks for your comment, your blog also lovely..

  2. unnnf to these hair styles/colors. love them so!
    be irking to do that to my locks too.
    natural or funky, it's dope.
    drew barrymore's ombre hair is beautiful if you're looking for inspiration or anything

  3. good idea for sure !
    i'm loving the ombre hair trend ,
    and your going to totally rock it !

  4. definitely a lover of the ombre hair trend, i'm hoping it will be my summer style.

    thankyou for commenting on my blog, i'm now a follower of yours!
    - i'll even add you to my dailies, as i really, really have enjoyed reading.

    V x

  5. as soon as my hair grows a bit more im doing this! iv been obsessed for too long now :)

  6. Oh thank you so much. I'm glad that you follow me and of course I follow your blog too!! It is amazing!! have a nice day and weekend!!!\xoxo

  7. Hey thanks for your cute comment! I like your blog too and your pictures are great! What about following each other? xx Nini

  8. definatly in love with ombre ombre!!!!! ive also done a post on this! haha but yeah i did it too my hair, blone at the tips, it was way before xmas, but ive just posted a pic of my outfit today and you can see my hair a little bit at the end! xxx