Saturday, March 5, 2011


Spring is quickly approaching and I am going to a ton of amazing sunny places and I need new sunglasses. I don't know which pair I want so these are just some ideas. If you have any cool sunglasses and think I should get them post them in the comments. I also made a tumblr ( so check that out. Also, I want to let everyone know about two blogs that have become some of my favorites and I think they need more recognition because they are amazing so, go check out, ...look closer and Lovers in Vain.


  1. loving the blinking sparkle shades...too bad you can't buy them like that! ha ha

  2. Oh, thank you so much sweet lady. Gosh you're gorgeous, I definitely needed that today and your blog is JUST as amazing. I still can't believe there's nasty people like that. Bloggers like you definitely make up for it though.

    And argh.. Sunnies are the HARDEST to shop for and the selection above is wat too awesome! I now opt for the el'cheapos, just so I can buy them all hahaha.. Then I have the trouble of picking which ones to wear with what. We can never win!

    Huge love to you,
    x x x x Liv

  3. I love heart shaped sunglasses <3

  4. nice sunglasses + pix


  5. I love th jumper in the first photo...must get one.Thank God summer is almost here and the sun in shinning all the time so i can wear my sunglasses.